John Fung is an International Award Winning Professional Magician based in Hong Kong. He has performed for countless global brand names and corporates as well as celebrities in Asia.

John was recently featured in the big hit NOWTV reality TV series "I am a Magician" & TVB Program "Street Sorcerers 2" and his "Supernatural Magic" was featured in a TVB Televesion series "The Magic Ring" and was highly acclaimed of this showmanship and skills. John was also the Magic Consultant for TWINS 2016 concert.

John has worked with countless International high profile brands, incorporating his magic into product presentations, launch parties, press events and annual dinners etc.

John was featured in the 2014 Adidas Original x NIGO collection and TedBaker SS15 photoshoot commercials and was participated in music videos with HK popstars such as Raymond Lam and Stephanie Cheng spicing up with his magic.

John is the Champion of the Australian Society of Magicians Magic Competitions. He is also the First Runner-up of the FISM Oceania Championships in 2011. March 2010, John was honoured to be invited by the Japan Close-up Magicians' Association (JCMA) to be on e of the judges of the Japan Cup Magic Competition 2010.

John was being nominated as the Best Stage Magician-Australia, he has two solo show  in Melbourne Magic Festival, Rockstar Magic and Magic Impossible.


FISM Oceania Close-up Championships 2011 1st Runner Up
Australian Society of Magicians (ASM) Professional Close-Up 2009 2nd Runner Up
Magicians (ASM) Professional Close-Up 2008 1st Runner Up
Magicians (ASM) Professional Close-Up 2007 Champion
Magicians (ASM) Professional Close-Up 2006 1st Runner Up